The most common questions

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Who can buy on Flamingo-box?

Individuals or professionals

What can or cannot be found in the boxes?

In the boxes you can find everything except big brands of clothing or electronics like Apple, Samsung, Bosch etc. The big brands are not in the boxes because the amounts are so important that they choose to recover them.

How much can you make at least your box profitable?

We cannot guarantee 100% but according to the feedback from customers who have already purchased, you can make your box profitable between 1.5 to X6

Example on a 10kg box of 108 euros you can make 170 euros and often more

Why do some packages seem to have been opened?

Indeed, you have a certain number of parcels which have been opened by European customs and not by logisticians. This is to avoid materials that do not comply with European standards or are dangerous.

Does Flamingo box sort the arrivals?

We don't sort anything, because our goal is that you can earn a living and therefore buy other bigger boxes. If you don't earn a living, neither do we by deduction

How to identify an item or its price received in my box

With https://lens.google on your smartphone