10 KG Mix of articles = 9 euros HT per kg

- -100,00€
  • 100,00€
Tax included.

9 euros excl. tax per kg
We do not know the contents of the floors
As a general rule, buyers multiply between 1.5 and 4 times their investments

Description: Do you like surprises?

Discover the Lost Parcel mystery box. You will receive a package filled with unexpected products, for a unique and exciting experience. Each package is carefully prepared and filled with surprise products that you cannot guess in advance.

The package can contain a variety of products, such as fashion items, accessories, beauty products, gadgets, games, toys, home decor items and much more!

The Parcel Perdu mystery parcel is also perfect for offering an original and unique gift to your friends or family.

With the flamingo mystery box, each package is a surprise and an adventure.

Good luck to you !


Frequently asked questions

Whether you are an individual or a professional, you can buy from us.

In the boxes you can find everything except major brands of
clothing or electronics like Apple, Samsung, Bosch etc.
major brands are not in the boxes because the amounts are
so important that they choose to recover them.

We cannot guarantee 100% but following feedback from customers who have already purchased, you can make your box profitable between 1.5 to 6x.

Indeed, you have a certain number of packages which have been opened by European customs and not the logisticians. This is to avoid materials that do not comply with European standards or are dangerous.

We don't sort anything, because our goal is that you can
earn your living and therefore buy other, bigger boxes.

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